terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2010


Being a Caterpillar can seem to be easy, but when everything in your circuit is very big, every day is a dangerous game. 
I am from this garden, it's my home. I see the stars in the dark sky, I feel the wind blowing through the trees.

 I get up early, at four o'clock, before the sun rises. I live under the grove of trees, next to the white wall. I think there is life beyond the white wall, but the earthworms laugh at me; they don't believe it can be true.

However, he does. He is a Catterpiller like me. He is handsome. Every day he walks in front of my window: _ 

Good morning, Miss Aloa! 
-Good Morning! 
- It's nice to see you!
 _ It's nice to see you, too Mr. Gilbert! 

He and his umbrella go at noon.

In the winter, it doesn't snow, but it is very cold. I wear boots. Hom many? Sixteen. 
The summer is my favorite season. There are fruits, flowers and the bird's sing. Thus are the summer days in the South America.
But nothing is perfect in this world. On Saturday the gardener waters the plants. He makes an ocean in our lifes. Then, I go to school by boat. That is not all... when he uses the lawn mower... it is the "Apocalipse".

My greatest fear is Genessis , the Dwarf. He is stooped in the center of the garden. He doesn't speak, he doesn't smile. He is very serious. I think he sleeps there, standing up.

The gardener and his machine , the rains and the Dwarf of the garden are the dark side of paradise. 

However, the big spirit of the woods, Mother Nature, loves us. I learn day by day, I'm learning,  I'm always learning.

 Luisa Ataide

Luísa Ataíde

domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

Um sopro de Fernando Pessoa

(...) Há um tempo em que é preciso abandonar as roupas usadas,
que já têm a forma do nosso corpo,
e esquecer os nossos caminhos,
que nos levam sempre aos mesmos lugares.
É o tempo da travessia: e, se não ousarmos fazê-la,
teremos ficado, para sempre,à margem de nós mesmos .

Colaboração e fotografia de Eduardo Poisl





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